The things that lurk in the basement

Category: What on Earth!?

Just some more things from the basement. In no particular order.

Fire King Fruit & German Christmas china...

< Adopted
= Adopted

Nursery Rhyme glasses, Bombo Glass (Paramount in 1939), gauze table runner from Mexico, a pewter ink sander, an ink sander jug, a Safe-Lok Media table, Depression Glass salt dips, Anchor Hocking toothpick holder, Trailbreaker sled, Ve Po Ad calculator, Angel Dish from Italy, Nodder Band from Germany (pre-WWII), Nodder (Bobble?) Horse, Retro Enamel Ashtray...

< See this at the Estate Sale = Adopted! < See this at the Estate Sale

Insane, isn't it?

But then, so is living with a bathroom where you can see into the basement, I guess. Or a kitchen with appliances that don't work.


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