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You are getting two in one today :) At 5:00 am, my mind works overtime.

Did you ever wonder what they were wearing in the bungalows of yesteryear?

Wonder no longer. It was all in our upstairs bedroom or tucked into our linen closet.

We have pre-June Cleaver even! More vintage aprons than you can possibly imagine.

< See this at the Estate Sale = Adopted < See this at the Estate Sale

< Adopted < See this at the Estate Sale

< See this at the Estate Sale < See this at the Estate Sale < Adopted

= Adopted < See this at the Estate Sale

And a little something for someone at the BBQ...circa 1970's...(one of the few post 50's items in the house!)

But what about when you're leaving the kitchen behind and are going out for a night on the town? Well, a gorgeous vintage COAT!

Soft smokey grey cashmere outside and Persian lamb (?) inside...

Black lamb outside with a warm mink collar...

< Adopted

Pink and grey wool, black cashmere...

< Adopted < Adopted

And, my fave, FAUX fur! (All the warmth and fun of the real thing ;)

< Adopted

The perfect attire for standing around and wondering how to fix the furnace in the dead of winter...or for fun wear while directing a hair dryer at frozen pipes. Oh yeah. Home renovation can be fashionable...

And this, um, "box of fur"? (No, I am not kidding.)

I see teddy bears in this furs' future.

p.s. Recycle used furs when you can! Or go FAUX! Thanks!

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hi there, jeanne. i'm actually looking for any solid white waist tie aprons for a quarterly event we do at the assisted living where i work. was just kicking myself that i didn't save some of my grandmother's.

Auugh! You're killing me with this wicked vintage clothing. I have to keep telling myself that not all the old clothing in the world was meant for me. Yeah, right. My obsessive-old-clothing-collecting personality disagrees heartily.


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