Um, honey? There's a flea market in our basement

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How? How did it all fit in here originally? How?

These were pictures taken right before we went to bed on SUNDAY. With only 50% of the things we have in here brought down to the basement and garage. I couldn't photograph I did a corner. That's only 12% of what is in this place. (And we hadn't brought down some very good stuff at this point, because we nervous about fitting it all in!)

So, let's see, as I take a look around the ENTIRE basement, that's...

-7 grab boxes of assorted craft and art supplies...check.
-3 boxes of assorted vintage Christmas stuff...check.
-1 whole room of camping, sports, BSA and other type equipment...check.
-5 or 6 shelving UNITS of art pottery, Depression glass, bottles and breakables...check.
-2 shelving units of woodenware, boxes, tins and so on....check.
-1 wall full of shelves and hooks with vintage barnyard tin, silver, pewter, copper and other metals...check.
-1 huge table and 3 chests full of vintage kitchen supplies, all sorts, from 1800's - 1950's...check.
-3 shelving units of audio visual and camera supplies...check.
-6-7 shelving units of books and some videos...approximately 1000+ of them...check.
-One half wall length of vintage vanity stuff (clothes, purses, etc.)....check.
-Stuff from many other countries scattered everywhere...check.
-Stuff I am not remembering because my brain is too full...check.

This does not include what is in the garage. Nor does it include vintage paper (a winter project). While we have only a few pieces of furniture...we do have three coal buckets. Hmmm. Boxes (be they leather, wood, lacquer, cigar or otherwise?)...we have about 25 of them. So, there is definitely an OVERabundance of some categories while there is an UNDERabundance of others. Very few things here are larger than a breadbox. Which we have. One. Lithographed tin. From the 30's or 40's.

After the past few months, I strive for this look someday. Maybe two decades from now...

My dad is already striving for it. He made two lamps out of things from the house...(he did buy new shades). Those are 2 vases and a beautifully cut and painted base. He got more mileage out of four vases that way. He is SO GOOD! He recycles.

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I wish there was an american show that was like Cash in the Attic from the UK. You could /clean up/.

Heard about your sale from mutual friends/neighbors. My husband and I were in the same situation 3 summers ago. Our bunaglow was filled to the rafters with stuff, some great some junk. I will be our of town for your sale, but would love to know if you have some in the future. Also I am looking for an old frig and any Heywood Wakefield furniture.
Good Luck.

Wait, did i miss something? when is the sale?

There are some friends coming over to take a look...they put up with us every day :) Public sale will happen when we've unpacked all of the boxes. Trust us, there are thousands of things in here and it is going nowhere fast...

Let me know when the public sale is.



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