Which is MORE frightening?

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Which is more frigthening? You decide...


(A bunch of housewives in the 1970's become faceless, expressionless zombies, who are pleasant, malleable and ignorant. But WHO or WHAT is making them THAT WAY? Intrigue, gender power wars, the "perfect wife", robots, murder, strangeness.)


The Invasion of the MixMaster Ladies?

(June Cleaver and Aunt Bee clones churn home baked goods out faster than you can eat them and then follow you around, chanting, "Can I get you a little something? Can I get you a little something?")


BOTH would give ME bad dreams at night. What do you think?

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here at mary's home for wayward appliances, we use our vintage sunbeam mixmaster on a regular basis. we even have the juicer attachment, and on rare occasions, i use it to make fresh orange juice, which we drink out of swanky swigs (of course).

after drinking the juice, i find myself wanting to don an apron and high heels...i get confused and start calling the children "wally" and "beaver" even though they're girls. at times, i'm overcome with the urge to mix jello, ginger ale, and fruit cocktail together and mold it into an elaborate dessert, simple enough for every day dinners but elegant enough for that next cocktail party with the boss...

i'd like to tell you more, but i have to go down to the kitchen and whip up a batch of icebox cookies...

i'm coming, mixMASTER ...

What a coincidence! The one-and-only stand mixer I swear by is also a Sunbeam Mixmaster (in shiny chrome, of course)! My mom gave me her old avacado 70's Mixmaster when she got one of those new KitchenAid mixers everyone's always talking about. Well, the KitchenAid was quickly given away and she got her avacado MixMaster back from me. I like my chrome one better anyway...it's got metal bowls. :)

She gave away the KitchenAid?!?! I love my KitchenAid. It is my very favorite kitchen appliance. But I have one of the big ones. What is it about the Mixmaster that is special? I've never used one.

Your grandmother gave me my Large Chrome mixmaster 38 years ago as a shower gift....and it still works as well as it did then.
I was going to will it to you, but since you now have one of your own, one of your sibs will get it. Somehow I just can't think of parting with it.

Since when is Kitchenaid new? I tell you what. The Kitchenaid Model G was around for 10 years before the Mixmaster was even born. The Sunbeam Heritage is an inexpensive machine, as were the Mixmasters from the Model 12 and before when they were new. Yes, and they are very durable. And yes, they are attractive. I forgot to add: If they were to produce the Model 12 now, it would easily cost as much or more then today's 6 quart Kitchenaid models.

I had a Sunbeam, but could not make bread dough like I can with my Kitchenaid KSM5, and the dense chocolate chip cookies I make with my Kitchenaid are next to an impossible feat with the Mixmaster. Us Kitchenaid owners are very loyal to our friends sitting prominently on our counters. Why? Because much like a hunter's retriever, our metal companion is always there when we need it. And yes, we can get juicers, shredders, meat grinders, pasta rollers, wheat mills, ice cream makers, can openers, and what ever just like they had for the Sunbeams.



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