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You know, you pick up a whatchamacallit, and turn it over in your hands, and think...hmmm. And wonder, "can this be the only one?"

Well, no. Not actually. Because there are little niche groups of people out there...enchanted with...and maybe a little obsessed with, certain items.




We kid you not. (** This image is from Steve's website, and I posted it here because I REALLY want you to visit his site. And, unless you saw an example of the incredible stuff there, you might not click the link. So visit Steve and, if you love his museum, click to donate so these important artifacts can be saved...)

They are happy when they are sitting next to a Airline Safety Card Collector! (No in-flight turf wars...)

I've actually been fond of airline safety cards myself. A co-worker and I (Mr. J Brown!) kept ourselves awake and choking with laughter re-labeling our airline safety card on a late flight for a business trip. The original was, you had to be there, but it looked kinda like this...

Like I had to be there.

Across the globe, there is never a shortage of PERFUME COLLECTORS!

There is the...


Antique Hose Nozzle Collectors need NEVER feel alone!

Those who wish to make a spectacle of themselves are welcome to do so here.

Vintage Coleman Lantern collectors ALWAYS get invited on camping trips.

And movie cameras? Sure...

< Adopted

Glass? Pottery? Yes and yes.

And, rest assured, that items like calculators, slide rules, adding machines and typewriters will always have homes as well...

It's nice to be appreciated!

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