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Ever since we've moved in to "the house with all of its stuff", we've received many, many (MANY) suggestions for dealing with the contents. Everything from "Garage Sale" to "Dealers" to "eBay".

However, there wasn't a "one-size-fits-all" solution for our need to liquidate and move on.

The range of items is too diverse for appraisers and we really wanted to experience the fun of interacting directly with the folks who wanted a specific item for nostalgic or other reasons. There are too many items to do everything online. There are some fragile items that were suited to an "in person" inspection and not the shipping process. Some items would be handled too roughly in an estate or garage sale. Fixed price was better for some things that don't have lots of buyers looking the same week. Auction was better for more popular or well known items.

So, at some point or another, we will be sampling most varieties of "stuff" sales. And then stop. Because this isn't our priority...the house is. We want to combine efficiency, fun, ease and a fair return.

In some ways, it is a humbling experience. I don't think I have ever HAD to sell anything to afford something bathroom tile. Or fixing a ceiling before it falls on us in our sleep. But in our situation with this house, if we can reach our goals within 8 years instead of 15 and the stuff helps, be it. It is life. Most days it is lemons. So lemonade must be made.

A has created a new "Shop" link at the top of this page or you can read on for his description about the details...

We've been getting so many questions and requests for items we've decided to put some of them online. That way everyone will have a chance to participate as we distribute the interesting and unexpected array of items we've uncovered. Unfortunately, we won't be able to offer up everything online. Some things are just too difficult to ship. In other cases we just can't afford the time.

So, think of our virtual estate sale as the unique and collectible "top shelf" of a very, very large collection that we need to distribute as painlessly as possible while learning something in the process and maybe having a little fun too.

We'll add things to the shop for as long as we are digging through boxes and find things that wouldn't be appropriate for an in-person sale. Like some of the books. We haven't even looked at most of the ephemera--hopefully, long winter nights will give us some time. And other items that are unusual.

Browse around. A larger "bulk" of items will be offered in a public estate sale on an undecided date.

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