"I will not pick at the house...I will not..."

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I can't help it. It's like...well...it's like playing with a thread that is unraveling from your sweater. Or scratching a mosquito bite.

You KNOW you're not supposed to do it. But, it FEELS so good. You know?

I get that way with this house. So much stuff peeling and flaking and tearing away and drooping around here. It's so HARD not to pick at it.

So, I'm on the phone and completely engrossed in the conversation and my eyes naturally drift to my kitchen floor. And to the obvious border that USED to be the outside wall of the house before they moved the back door 3-4 feet to the west.

And then my eyes roam up the wall. And I notice that the vent fan (just stuck in there...not in a useful place and also not attractive) is not QUITE lined up with that old outside wall. Hmmm.

And there is this "mystery bump" in the wall to the right of the fan. And we ARE going to re-do the kitchen.............someday.............and the wallpaper already IS peeling off, so without thinking about it, I begin picking at it. Is there plaster on BOTH sides of the fan? How did they get the fan into the wall? (If you've read our history with this house, you won't be surprised that I am wondering.) And what IS the mystery bump?

So, I'm chatting and peeling, chatting and picking...then

A walks into the kitchen. "What are you DOING???"

My hand freezes mid-pick. "Ummmm. I'm....checking this out. We're going to re-do the kitchen anyway, right?"

"But we aren't going to be able to afford to do the kitchen for five years or so!"

Right. So. No more picking in the kitchen. Can I live for 5 years without knowing what that mystery bump is? Oh man. I need a distraction. Like....

....the doorbell. This is the thing that rings when someone presses our doorbell. Except the thing on top? That isn't it...that's painted over and frozen. OUR doorbell is the xylophone-like chime below it. And, hmm. That looks like duct tape. That can't be good.

Aaaauuuuuggggghhhhhhhhh. "I will not pick at the house. I will not pick at the house. I will not pick at the house."

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I say go ahead and pick! It's usually better to find out what you're dealing with than not knowing. Keep in mind, this is coming from a woman whose husband has started hiding our sledge hammer. I tend to pick in a BIG way...

Oooohhh! Cool! A sledgehammer!

That would be awesome. Sometimes you just want to feel the crash, you know? Someday, hacking that cardboard room off of the back of the house is going to be FUN!!!

Why is DEconstruction always more fun than CONstruction?


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