Holidays in a HOUSE! Oh boy!

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I had this HUGE realization last night...Halloween is coming and we're living in a HOUSE. A house! With a front door and door bell? Get it???


After years of living in multi-unit buildings, I realized that holidays would always make me feel wistful. No trick-or-treaters. No carolers. Sometimes I wanted to hike to a street with houses and just enjoy watching the kids goof around. But if you do that these days, people get the wrong idea. Which is sad. What is more fun to watch than a bunch of little kids hopped up on sugar with goofy costumes running around like crazy people?! Especially if you don't have to deal with the dentist bills.

But this year....Halloween! Candy! Dishing it out! Whoo hooo!

Couldn't find any Halloween stuff to show you. The drains were enough of a horror. But Christmas stuff? Since it is already on display at the local Target (say that with a French accent please..."Tar-jzay"), I hauled some out for your nostalgic pleasure.

Last year at Christmastime, we were in Alaska visiting A's sister. It is pretty beautiful up there but very, very dark this time of year. A lot of folks went caroling while we lagged behind and just tried to stay warm. And it made me remember that caroling AT people was always more fun than being caroled TO. I have no idea why I believe that.

Maybe the whole "being caroled at" thing has to do with someone singing to me. I never did like that. When I was a babe in arms, my mother sang lullabies to me and I cried until she stopped. (I really did. She told me.) Her intentions were good. I was always a better producer than audience member, even back then. Sorry Mom.

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It was kind of cool finding the silver snowflake placemats in the Wieboldt's box. How could someone have these things and NEVER USE THEM?????

*If you click on the Wieboldt's link, you can hear Lou Boudreau flub a live Wieboldt's spot at a long ago Cubs game at the bottom of the article. Ah, memories.

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Actually it was very entertaining when I would show people how much you hated my singing - even at such a tender age. I would start to sing and you would cry and complain until I stopped. Relatives and friends got quite a kick out of it. Which explains why I was always the wardrobe mistress for the school plays and never even allowed in the chorus. You should see the people at church when I join in!!! Quite entertaining even to this day.

Gotta give props to the moms...they put up with a lot :)

This is our second Halloween in a house, and I do relish it, just as I relish being able to put up wreaths and greens and lights at Christmas time and hang my Moravian star over our doorway.

I'd be happy to carol or be caroled to. Unfortunately, they don't seem to do that around my neighborhood.

Have you found any of those angel chimes that are propelled by currents created by heat from candles? Just curious.


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