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One more "What on Earth?" this week and then it is work, work, work for a couple of days.

I'm going to finish up the Christmas box and, in so doing, will salute that great street--STATE STREET--in Chicago. There is nothing like State Street in Chicago at the holidays.

First, Marshall Fields. My FAVORITE department store. Which is saying something. Because I'm not a shopper by nature. Fields has been around since 1852 and is pretty much the symbol of great stores in Chicago. There's nothing like tearing into a Marshall Fields box. :)

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They actually put up a 45 foot high tree (I know, I know...Rockefeller Center. But, this is INSIDE) with 1,200 themed ornaments and 25,000 lights in the Walnut Room. There are the 13 animated windows and the decorations hung in the 10-story atrium (the glass above? Made by Tiffany.) It's pretty amazing.

They also invented Uncle Mistletoe"...a beloved children's character who went on to appear in books and local television. This year, Fields is offering an Uncle Mistletoe Cookie Jar because they are in such demand. But nothing beats the design of the original late 1940's - early 1950's jar. Which is in the house.

< You can see him at the Estate Sale

They are also celebrating Christmas on State Street this year with a new book about State Street in the 1940's (featuring, yes, Uncle Mistletoe!). It looks very cool.

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These little trinkets look SO familiar to me...though I don't know if we had these. Maybe my grandmother did? The Tavern Candle on the end is not familiar but it has a funny story. It was distributed by the Socony Vacuum Oil Company...the ancestor of Exxon Mobil. The company taken all the way to the Supreme Court in 1940 on Anti-Trust charges. THOSE were the days :)

Okay, wow. I am getting overwhelmed by this one box. Candles, candles, candles. A zillion of 'em. Enough for a bunch of Santa Lucia's...which I missed, by the way, because I married a Swede but didn't grow up as one. So, plan a holiday in Chicago...there's tons to do and see. We love our city.

p.s. Tully Monster asked in the last entry if we found any angel mobile's and we didn't. But we did find this mobile from Occupied Japan in the Christmas box!

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Wow! looks like you are having a lot of fun with everything in the house. Have you thought about having a professional appraiser or auctioneer handle this for you?

yes, we DEFINITELY looked into that. And we are getting help with the art pieces. We even were offered a spot on a TV show :) But that really isn't our thing (I, for one, am more comfortable BEHIND a camera. Have been since age 12. Ask my mom.)

I think we ran into confusion when there were so many specialty appraisers needed because of the types of items we found. So, we have received some very gracious help on many items. We have researched the rest. And since research IS what I like to do...well...there you go. It's everyman for himself. Which is kind of the theme of the website anyway.

When I was younger (who says I'm not still young) I used to go down on the train with my mom and aunts to see Uncle Mistletoe and sit on Santa's Lap and get a Hot cocoa mug with the year and the year's theme on it. Last but not at all least I would get to pick out my own ornament for the year.

Oh, by the way, My Mom and I are taking my three daughters 9,7,and 3 for their first trip tomorrow!!!! Yippee!! Meerry Christmas and if you want to get rid of Uncle Mistletoe my way I would love him for the rest of my days!

I have a old record of uncle misteletoe by Johnny Coon but it cracked in half was wondering if anyone would know where to get the music? please write thanks


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