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What a weekend. It WAS work, work, work. But, oh so worth it.

A's dad was in town this weekend and so was mine! It was Dad heaven! Dad's are great for many reasons, one of which is that they offer help, advice and skills with home repair.

See TV Dads for more dads. Except our dads are married dads. Remember...always give props to the moms too.

So it was off to Home Despot (yes, I spell it that way) for some supplies and then some little "fixes".

Before the weekend, I had picked at the house again. (I know, I know.) I wanted to know what was under THIS paste down vinyl tile in the bathroom.

I was rewarded!! Well, kind of. The original hex tile IS under there. And it isn't broken or cracked. But...there is a gooey layer of black tar between us and the tile. Which will require removal. Which will not be easy. This little patch...still needing to be whitened...took me an hour until I figured out that the *SILENT PAINT REMOVER* could help. More about that in another entry...

Nothing ever comes easy, eh?

Meanwhile, after a few warm days, the steam heat is coming back on and it sounds like little gnomes are sloshing around and firing off cannons in the radiators. It is SO LOUD! The dog is scared half to death...signing off for now... (take cover, Coco!)

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Hey! We had the same problem on our front porch. Yep, under 4" of cement, then the chicken wire, I found OLD red linoleum that had been painted turquoise covering the original wood floor. Heartbreaking, yes! Nothing IS ever easy.

We found that the Silent Paint Remover just melted the linoleum making it even HARDER to remove, plus the linoleum started giving off toxic smelling fumes as it heated up. David used a various scrapers and crowbars but, as ridiculous as this sounds, I had the best luck using a steak knife to get underneath the linoleum and to pry up big pieces at one time. It worked for me, my tool of choice!

The good news is that the nasty black adhesive is water soluble. We discovered this when it rained onto the porch a few days ago. I was able to take a paint scraper to the parts that had gotten wet and it came up like a dream. The easiest part of the job so far. For an indoor room, I recommend spraying on (heavily) a mixture of warm water mixed with a little dish soap (should help with the smell) over the whole floor. Then I'd cover it with newspapers or thick paper towels and let it sit fo a day. The black adhesive paper should come right up.

This whole porch experience coming to our website once we get some time! :)


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