Removing the Backyard Jungle

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It was still RAINING today and the electricians are back and K called to see if it was a good time to tear the backyard out by the roots. :)

You see, there are a lot of "weed trees" in the backyard and K (being a crackerjack landscaper...I call him a "landscape artist" ) sent us drawings from Hong Kong that gave us some ideas for re-imagining the backyard of the house.


K is our supercreative friend who married my ex-roommate, J! Which was cool because she and I introduced each other to that person's future husband. You know, you gotta have friends :)

A and I and J and K! (Can you tell I'm cold? I'm always cold...everywhere.)

So, now that they are back from Hong Kong, K is in HOT demand. Not only was he an experienced landscape artist from the U.S...but he was able to study in HK for 2 years as well while they lived there! So, he is completely prepped for the Bungalow style...natural, simple, in harmony with the environment, very interested in layering things for the seasons...

He is the only person I know who, when building a waterfall for a client, took extreme care in choosing just the right rock for the tone of the falling water when it landed...he is very into detail that way. His work is amazing. I would not have THAT patience.

So, we had a little destruction party in the the prep for the work this coming Spring...


Oh man! The garage is BALD! I knew it would have to be...there was a tree growing up between the gutter and the roof. Most of the really tall things were weeds masquerading as trees, but...oh wow. And we have to get back there to strip and paint. It's


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Wow! I go away for a two day work meeting and the backyard is transformed! Wish I was there to see it...great job!


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