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Can you guess what this is? (We found it in the basement. Yes, we are still finding things.)

We think we finally figured it out. Do YOU know? It says "Ultrasonic #2400 Radionic Industries, Chicago 10, Illinois" A good quiz for a Tuesday. (If you are a family member and already talked about this with us, hold back for now and see if someone new knows :)

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Cold war era, DIY radiation detector?

A new-age psychotronic healing device?

Looks like an electronic caller for hunting coyotes, foxes, etc. A modern, but essentially similar, version can be found here: http://www.allpredatorcalls.com/778prowlerpro.jpg

It looks like an electric megaphone. Previously you mentioned that prior owner was involved with boyscouts. A similiar device is used with the military to amplify commands or announcements.

I know! You buckle it on the beat-up Caprice you bought at the police sale and drive around using it as a PA system to scare up an audience for the last minute blues concert you're organizing to raise money to save the Catholic orphanage!


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