Loudspeaker...Blues Brothers Style :)

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Those were great answers everyone! To our surprise, Tully actually had the real answer! It's the thing from on top of Elwood Blue's car!

Well, actually, "anonymous" actually got closer to the real answer. It is a portable megaphone, probably used in Boy Scouts or in the military or both. W was in WWII and then was a troup leader for a couple of decades. I don't know if this one is as old as WWII or not (there is no date, only a patent number) but, from the design of it...

Coco' s microphone is SHARP!!! It comes tucked INSIDE of a compartment in the box, along with 4 9-volt batteries. The microphone plugs in on the outside, you hang it on a special hook on the front of the box while carrying it by the leather strap. (If you are new to the site, click on any picture to make it larger.)

Or, you COULD conceivably strap it onto your small foreign import to get that Blues Brother's feeling :) Though for the best results, you might want to get a battered Chevy Caprice...

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That's just weird. I can't get over the stuff you've found...

Ooooo! Do I win a kewpie doll?

Wait a minute, don't answer that. You've probably got one in there somewhere! ;)

(pawing through some boxes) I'm sure that we've got one around here somewhere, right?


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