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Now it feels like we are playing "Password" here on "What On Earth?"...everything starts to look like it belongs in a category. Such as these things...

Did this really inspire the movie "Alien"? If you go to uncork the bottle, is it meant to scare you away from whatever is IN the bottle forever?

Hmm...this seems to be a pretty fancy place.

Some vintage Galiano from the top shelf behind the bar...

A classy retro enamel ashtray from Bovano...

Whoops! The bartender is a green horn...

Now I'll never get my Shirley Temple cocktail! I bet he doesn't know the right ratio of maraschino cherry juice to 7-Up....

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8 oz Club soda (or 7-Up)
1 oz Grenadine syrup
1 sl Orange
1 Red maraschino cherry

Mix soda and grenadine syrup. Serve in tall glass with straw, garnished with orange and maraschino.

It just hit me. You need to send your website to that new PBS program Find!. Its done by the Keno twins from Antique Road Show. They would just die if they saw your jackpot. I'm sure they would be on the next plane out to view your goodies.


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