We reveal the identity of our electrician

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We love our electrician and his team. Period.

And we have had quite a few people contact us to ask his name. We needed his permission to post his contact information. And there are some other things you should know.

- To keep quality high, he employs a VERY small team. He is often booked in advance.
- He loves old houses and is skillful at fishing cable through plaster walls.
- He is VERY knowledgable about the codes in Chicago and the Northern Suburbs.
- He STRONGLY prefers to take jobs in North/Northwest Chicago & northern suburbs.
- He is creative, punctual and thorough --his team is courteous and cleans up their work area.

He is the rare breed known as the inluminonis..."craftsperson of illuminating light." He has many of the classic characteristics...quiet and calm, soft-spoken, incredibly knowledgable, creative AND practical, very much sought after...

This young Nepalese boy from Global Adrenaline demonstrates the elusiveness of this prized contractor species.

Yesterday, when I had finished working with Just Sashes on some remaining window elements (we love them too!), they left, I hopped in the shower, got dressed for work at the church and started out of the front door.

And met the very nice man from the City of Chicago Department of Buildings on my front porch. He was there to inspect the electrical work.

Whoa. Okay.

So, I put my things down and we trooped down to the basement where he inspected the new breaker box and the conduit and the hard wiring of the sump pump in the basement. We walked outside and examined the meter and how they had rigged the wires to the electrical service. (More about how Wes creatively solved our problems in the next installment.)

Not only did we pass with "flying colors" (his words), but the inspector also called the electrician "an artist" (also his words).

Ahh, the work of good craftspeople.

He is a very, very nice down-to-earth, soft-spoken craftsman. We've enjoyed working with him and his team. (They work on residential, commercial and industrial buildings.)

W P Electrical Co
Wieslaw Pollak
Licensed Electrician
Fax: 773-685-5562

As a reminder, we can only comment on the work of craftspeople as we've experienced it and no one compensates us for mentioning them here. We like to recognize good work as we see it. Wes and his team are "keepers"!

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