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Not everything is sorted out in our little house o' stuff. Often, we will find things that are from different countries and different decades sharing the same drawer or box.

It is a big puzzle we are unraveling.

On a different note, we get many emails on different topics or about certain items that we post here. This evening, I fell over as I discovered that my email "box"...valiently trying to sort out the volume of mail I receive from different sources...stashed a bunch of your notes in a place that I didn't expect. So I just found them. A lot of them. Which means that many of you think that I am unspeakably rude for not replying to you before now. This happened to me once before about 6 months ago and I am still unraveling that "glitch". It is what I get for relying upon technology to organize me. Friends, I'm slowly winding my way through your notes. Dear guests, if you have questions about certain items in the house o' stuff for sale, keep an eye on our Estate Sale page where we post things as often as we can. If you want to know when we have updated our pages there, try out Bloglines to notify's free and very nifty.

Here is a "drawer" full of things from near and far for you to poke around in...

These are mostly from "South of the Border", I think...I know they had traveled to Mexico, Peru, Columbia, Patagonia and other countries...

The pink pottery bowl is Swedish "Gefle", an "antik" as they say :)

Pierced tongue as letter opener is really too awesome. Especially with the mother-of-pearl eyes...

This is either Italy or Occupied Japan paste porcelain. The porcelain decorative candles slip out so that you can substitute real ones on occasion...

Leather camel, woven donkey and rider. Mmmmhmmm.

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