Chicago, Part Trois

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We still find things. Last week, I grabbed a yardstick out of the pile we have and used it to measure something. Then, I read it.

Hm. "Leadership Beyond Measure." "Daley 1967." Wasn't that the same year that....yep. And right before...? Yep.

The Bell Telephone Hour!

The Chicago Railroad Fair!

The Chicago insurance?

But who trumps the Chicago Sun? The TRIBUNE, of course. :)

And it was important to INVEST IN PROPERTY in, uh, our neighborhood actually. But a long, long time ago...

Something tells me this tin sign we found in the garage isn't referring to the vacuum cleaner...

Hoover? For President.

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My husband, a loyal TT reader, was linked to your Blog from the "Home Improvement Thread" and forwarded it on to me. We, also a "J & A" couple with personality traits similar to your own, are very empathetic to your situation. We purchased our home in June, 2002 in the land of bungalows (Berwyn) while going on our second anniversary. While we did not purchase a bungalow ourselves, we are chagrined that after a full year of renovating, we still live only in the upper floor of our home in the space no bigger than the apartment we left. Makes you wonder what we were thinking moving into a late 1880's house anyway.

Exactly! When you are squeezed into this tinier space...

Well, thank goodness we don't have assessments or board meetings anymore, we paying less to live here for now than we were before, and we have a yard for the dog. But the dust, the goo, the mess, the just gotta wonder...why....?


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