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Due to popular demand, more pictures of the bedroom "I like football and maps!" wall...

We don't know why the Green Bay Packers are up here. If you are from Chicago, don't blame us :)

When we looked really closely at these maps, we saw that some of them had been written on...locations were marked, notes were made.

As in "7-24-71...Harold, LRH and WWH"

They also had written a lot on a map of New England, including the words "Old House" in Quincy, Massachusetts (but information I've found on the family puts them one side in Chicago Heights at the turn of the century and the other side in Texas...?) And a big circle around Newport with the words, "Vanderbilt's House" sketched in. Well, of course.

So, A's grandpa, Keith, decided to join the fun during a visit. Now we think that we'll encourage all of our guests to draw on the walls until this room is done. And since it will be one of the last rooms on our list...

You know, I've always wanted a good reason to draw on the walls.

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