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My students took their last quiz today and it's less than 4 weeks before I have to write the final. And the media project we are still working on is STILL giving us problems on the hard drive. And then there is work at my other job and A's full time job.

And then there is the house.

So, Thanksgiving is coming up and we are giving thanks that we even have jobs and a house and it has electricity. Not the plumbing we need but electricity and heat. Those are good things. So, I am going to throw some random "What On Earth?" stuff up here for you to gander at and then try to get some sleep.

Like this random pile of purses. (Just click on something to look at it more closely. Or don't if you would rather avoid the dust and details.)


And! (Of Albany, NY)

And postcards PAINTED wooden dish (whew!)

And painted wooden dish (from Scandanavia) to a pamphlet (from the Chicago Public School System...)

Phew...I'm tired. Let's finish the alphabet game another evening...

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I discovered your site and have to admit I come here every day to read the updates, the painted plate is so cool looking. Good luck with the house. Norma


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