Restoring a house? Get Nervine!

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Today was the official last day of fall for me. I'm a little behind. So, I spent the morning of my day off stuffing leaves into the "Blue Bags" the City of Chicago uses for recycling "lawnstuffs".

I also tend to listen to Public Radio a lot when I am home during the day. I love Public Radio, but I am TOO emotional--really--to listen to it all of the time. Current events have me a little, um, tense. On top of everything else. (You might want to click on these pictures to make them a little larger.)

So I ESPECIALLY got a good laugh when I came across this old booklet that tells the story of "OUR PRESIDENTS"...

...sponsored by...

NERVINE "Take it when you're cranky, fidgety, sleepless, nervous, anxious, irritable, depressed...I guess just about any time you are restoring an old house..."

Now, about our presidents...

Oh, yes! Back to our regularly scheduled....ADVERTISING! For MORE NERVINE! Take it when you've been ROBBED! (Take it by the bottle says that....right there.)

And byAlka Seltzer! Interesting that the Alka-Seltzer ad is superimposed over a picture of the White House.

I don't make this stuff up. I just report on it. Honest.


But it's super funny.

P.S. This is for Anna from Little Red Boat

Anna--I feel the record is the least I could do...but I wish it could be this other request you had: "a proper global commitment to fair trade, the AIDS crisis and the Kyoto treaty." (We'll both wish for that together.) However, if you change your mind about the handbags or shoes, we have some posh (for, um, 1942) ones in the attic. All the best from ATP, J

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Thank you!

I may yet change my mind on the shoe front...

i haven't had a cigarette in three weeks. i am tense, grumpy, and restless. I NEED NERVINE!! but i see they've taken it off the market. darn it, none of the good stuff is legal anymore...

Ah...Better Living Through Chemistry!

The active ingredient was probably derived from Cocaine or Heroine. Seriously, they used to mass produce over-the-counter medicines from class A drugs not so long ago. Anything pre 1920 is likely to contain currently illegal drugs, and quite a few things afterwards are highly suspect.

Notice how it's 'prescribed' for just about everything from headaches to bereavement - no doubt a good hit of Coke laced Nervine takes the edge off just about anything! The more creative and expencive medicines were a cocktail of opiates and other drugs like coke and heroine, all combined in a base of alcohol. Healthy? I doubt it. Effective? Very.


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