Finding a Vintage Medicine Cabinet

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So we really wanted one of these for the first floor bathroom but can't bring ourselves to plunk down the $400+. We pondered trying to make our own...whether that would be the start of a fun new hobby or a huge disaster wasn't clear.

But then we went on eBay and immediately saw this!

It will fit perfectly! We especially like the little shelf below the mirror and the beadboard backing. We're also thrilled with how well it will go with the built-in cabinet in the bathroom (which also has a beadboard interior).

How cool is that!? In case you're interested, here a link to what's currently on eBay using the search we did:

"Vintage Medicine Cabinets on eBay."

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I have something very similar in my bathroom. How much did you pay for yours if it's not a secret?

Just over $100.


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