Ouch! And...Girl Scouts.

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Those two topics in the title only go together because:

a) I have a WHOMPIN' viral infection that makes typing this entry feel like my fingers will fall off. That is how much my body hurts right now.

b) I am going to post some things in a booklet I found to get out of a lot of typing.

Circa 1952 (click on the pictures to make them larger):

I was a Girl Scout. In 197_something, something. And I remember feeling badly because all of the COOLEST badges were going on with the Boy Scouts. Archery. And canoeing. And killing bears.

Okay, maybe not the bears.

So, to soothe our souls, my friend Vicki and I set out to assemble the BIGGEST, BADDEST collections of badges EVER. Cooking and sewing and domesticating our little hearts out with some feminist "environmental recycling" thrown in.

But, I still wanted that Kayaking Badge.

I had no idea of the legacy that had been left to me. How far the Girl Scouts had come at that point. (And how far they are today...)

But, now I know where Martha Stewart gets her "know-how" anyway. She was probably an overambitious badge collector too. Except that she turned it into a media empire and I lost interest in favor of POWER TOOLS!

Nice stealth marketing on behalf of Stanley Home Products, by the way.

I look better with a SawZall in my hand than a mop, thank you very much.

(I'm off to take more Tylenol now...ouch. Ouch!)

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I was reading the part about the brushes and combs needing washed once a week or whenever you shampoo your hair. I actually remember rural living where you had your full bath with hairwahsing once a week and sink baths with maybe a cup of water the rest of the week because of the wells not having water. But I also remember outies at the same ranches! Lived in one place where the inside plumbing was an outdoor faucet brought through the wall period. Water was heated on the wood stove or the electric stove next to it. No the dream house but I was a kid so did not know that.

I personally think the same person who wrote the booklet invented the character for June Cleaver in "Leave it to Beaver". How she baked and cleaned in high heels and pearls just baffles me to this day.


I should have known that if I'd only put on a clean frock when I got home I'd want to tidy this messy bungalow. I know what you mean about wanting cooler badges. I was a Scout forever - all the way through high school (boy, was that embarassing sometimes, but there was a summer-long trip to Europe after graduation, so ...) up through getting my Gold Award. Paint me green and call me geek.

Feel better!

Wow! So I'm not the only former Girl Scout who wanted to be a Boy Scout instead!

It was sometime after I left scouting altogether that I heard there was now actually a badge for applying makeup. Bah.

(On the bright side, I got one of the first computer programming badges! I was eleven, and it was 1980.)

Well, girls, it's just been a lovely chat, but now I'm off to go throw on my pearls and high heels before I scrape charred food residue off the oven floor and greet hubby at the door with a martini!

I vote that YOU drink that Martini and greet hubby in high heels and pearls...he won't even LOOK at the floor ;)


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