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Some tiny things. Doll-sized things. Itty bitty stuff. Some of it, anyway.

(You can make these things LARGER by clicking on them :)

Like tiny garden tools for little kids. So they can have their own tiny co-op. (There is a tiny snow shovel, broom and dustpan around here too. Somewhere.)

Teeny Tea Cup with a parrot handle!

Tiny pottery birds.

Tiny Marshall Field box...

...with tiny doll UMBRELLAS!!!

Now, if my tiny respiratory infection would get TINIER...that would be most excellent :)

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who made the tea cup?

Those miniature cups were made in the early part of the 20th C. and sold as collectable souvenirs, not necessarily as doll accessories. You probably have a matching saucer somewhere. The parrot handle was a common decoration, especially among those from warmer locations, such as Florida & Cuba.

I don't know how big the pottery birds are, but, if they are hollow all the way through, with hollow beaks, they are "pie birds." You put the bird on the top of the piecrust (either while it cooked or after it was done, I'm unclear) and the birds would let the steam out of the pie, so you don't get burned, and there's less leakage, and the pie stops cooking faster. Always sold as a set of two, commonly birds (as in the blackbirds in the nursery rhyme). In fact, I've never seen anything but pie birds, never anything else. May be quite valuable with collectors, and very bungalow era (pre 1920s).


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