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I wish that I would never see...

(Although some are as cute as cute can be...)

As many vintage coffee cans...

Or wood and bakelite camera stands...

Maybe not so many silver spoons...

And definitely less antique cartoons...

Fewer books would be quite nice*...

And fewer racquets paradise!

It would be nice to make some more room...

And get my bathroom back from storeroom. :(

* Though this one is quite beautiful and old and covers more fonts than Textism! That is saying quite a bit.

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If you seriously want to rid yourself of the camera stand I think I would hold it for you for awhile. I have my grandfathers first camera. Now add up the fact that I am 51, he died when I was 19 at age 65 and got his camera at age 21. I think it is quite old and knowing how poor they were was probably and old used one when he got it. Now would that not look great on that stand:)

If you still have those old coffee cans around, I know that the guy that owns the Bourgeois Pig Cafe on Fullerton & Halsted collects them.
Also, I'm really enjoying reading your site. Thanks for all the info and keep up the great work!

Oh wow! The Bourgeois Pig! I used to camp out there with cups and cups of coffee studying for my classes at NU because I lived over on Belden and Clark. (Moved in there in '91 and had a quirky kind of rent control 'til I left). I think I remember the owner! Young guy? (Well, I guess as young as I think I am...late 30's?)

Small world! Yes, we still have the coffee cans...we just had pulled them out for that photo.


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