Paper Bells and other wall oddities

Category: What on Earth!?

We found this in the ceiling, in between the 2nd and 1st floor, when we took the bathroom ceiling down.

It was next to the place where the old electrical box was. It's about as large as my hand (but my hands are small).

Is it related to that? Perhaps a symbol for the folks who built the house out of parts that were milled elsewhere? (We think our house was one of a pattern that made 5 houses on this block...and which were assembled by the first person to live here.)

Is it an old Christmas decoration that slipped between the floors somehow? By how? And why only one?

Other things we've found in the walls:

The marbles were especially interesting. I'm trying to classify them.

This Breakfast Cocoa Lid is adorable. It is from Walter Baker & Co Ltd of Massachusetts...

Finally, this ghostly image on this negative. Early 20th century? The clothes look that way. It is hard to reproduce here on the site. The figures are gathered in a circle of chairs...

They are so mysterious. I wish I knew who they were.

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