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For once, we aren't grumbling about living here while the restoration is going on. Because we've decided to go in a different direction with the first floor bathroom now that we've lived with it.

Better to decide that now than later, eh?

We're changing out the vertical plumbing runs in this bathroom and the one above to update them. (Also the horizontal runs in the basement.) I want them tight and long lasting. I don't want to burrow through a wall in 10 years or even 20 years from now. Plus, there was very little plaster left in the bath...the PO's had made a mess of the walls from patching things together. We decided to gut and start over.

A has been more than patient with his tools as he carefully strips the ceilings and walls. Thank goodness for the wet/dry vac with the HEPA filter! Plaster dust, possible lead paint and old mouse party favors aren't good things for the pulmonary system. As it is, I usually wet mop and wipe down all surfaces after work completes for the day just to be safe.

Even with the plastic protecting the work area, it still comes out when A steps out. He looks like he has aged and turned grey...all over :) He dodges for the shower upstairs when he is finished and I wash his clothes separately.

Surprises abound behind these walls. As we work towards finishing this bathroom over the holidays, we'll share some with you!

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great web site!! i was looking on how to install a pedaqstall sink and stumbled across your site. your house looks great...the commentary is wonderful! perfect mix of sarcasim!! looking forward to more!

Hopefully we WILL be installing a pedastal sink soon! And we will share pictures of the right and wrong things that we do... Thanks for visiting the site!


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