Tiki Tissue Holder

Category: What on Earth!?

This thing is NOT in our house.

But someone searching for it found our website and we mentioned it in yesterday's entry.

Diligent reader KIM let us know where the real thing can be found. You can follow her link in the comments section of yesterday's entry.

This has to be one of the funniest things I have ever seen for sale during a holiday season.

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oooooooo, I feel so honored! :) I'm in all caps and everything!!

Hard to believe I almost bought that thing for my brother because I thought it was so dern funny! (Hey....why are you looking at me like that? I said almost.)


My mom wants one. She really does. We can only hope that they go on sale after the first of the New Year.

I had read this entry just before Christmas, and even my kids saw it and laughed hysterically. Imagine our amazement when my son opened a Christmas gift from Grandma and saw....ONE OF THESE!!! I guess Grandma didn't know what to give a 14 year old boy either....

you have the COOLEST GRANDMA EVER!!! I am sooooo jealous! Honest. (I mean, well, everyone needs to laugh and everyone needs to wipe their nose... you know?)

I would like to buy the Tiki Tissue Holder - where do I buy one?

where can I get one of the TIKI tissue holders?

The Tiki Tissue holders were last spotted being sold by Marshall Field's...get 'em while you can I guess :)


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