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Many years ago, J started a scrapbook.

It was a collection of all her hopes and aspirations for the design of her future home.

Much later, when we decided to buy this neglected bungalow, we started a file folder.

The folder had tabs: exteriors, structural, bedrooms, bathrooms, etc. We filled it with promotional flyers, magazine photos and articles. It represented the ideas we wanted to keep track of as we planned our own restoration project.

After a few months of living in the house, some of our favorite photos migrated from the file folder to a bulletin board. Hung in our kitchen, we can look at it whenever we question our decision to buy a run-down house like this.

Now, with the advent of this website, we're taking the 'idea guide' virtual. We've posted a few of our inspirational photos already and will be adding more over time. They certainly help us...maybe they'll serve as inspiration for someone else too!

Check out the Idea Guide

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Excellent idear on the Idea Guide.

Thanks Tim! The DH really has improved upon my humble start...


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