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So tired. Busy weekend and week. Dave the Cat is missing somewhere in the house (probably in the walls) and we cannot find him which makes me sad and frustrated.

So here is what I have for "What on earth?" It doesn't have much of a theme or make any sense that I can see. Maybe a kind and gentle reader can link together the meaning of these objects sharing the same spece.

The Vintage handkerchief "Found Alphabet" game

Put it together and WHAT DOES IT SPELL!?! Um, farg? That's pretty much summed up the last week for me.

Wacky, silly girl scouts back then!

And the Swiss?! With that RiColA joke? So funny.

You know, if I had the talent for it, these handkerchiefs (there are about 100 or so of them) would make a great duvet cover. Sigh.

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As long as Dave the cat is "lost" in the house he should be okay. And 'Vintage Handkerchiefs' is enough of a theme for todays what on earth. Your first floor bathroom project looks like its really coming along nicely. I can't wait to see more updates and the final results.

good luck,

Awww! Poor Dave. :( I'd be worried, too. We just got a new kitty, Min, last month. She's already figured how to get up in the attic. We've got pull-down stairs and she just runs right up them. I found her snuggled down on a bed of pink fiberglass insulation in one corner. Hope Dave shows up by this weekend, 'cause guess who's comin' to town? Me! I'll send you an e-mail to see if we can get together.

Hey, I have a cat-in-wall story too, though it might not be the most reassuring, if you're worried about Dave being in the walls. :)

I used to share a condo with my sister in an older building that had recently had the foyer redone. There was an open staircase in the foyer that led up to each floor, and a small under-stair area that people used to store bikes and baby strollers when they were visiting and didn't feel like lugging things up three flights of stairs.

We'd just moved in and were getting settled, and one night while my sister was moving boxes downstairs to the recycling bin one of my cats decided to go exploring. He got out of the apartment and vanished, and I spent the better part of a day looking for him. Then, as I was walking back through the foyer I heard him start wailing. I freaked out and looked everywhere I could, trying to trace the sound of his voice.

Turned out that when they renovated the foyer, they didn't install new drywall up to the bottom of the stair platform under the stairs, and Orpheus had jumped up and fallen inside the wall, in the space between the joists, and was so jammed in he couldn't get out. I tried to pull him out, but he was on his back and I couldn't get my hands around him. (Not to mention, the space under the stairs was only about 3.5 feet, so I didn't have a lot of room to manouver.) We had to rip the drywall off the wall to get him out, and he ended up having to go to the kitty hospital for 4 days due to dust in his lungs. (He had feline pneumonia too, so he was quite a sick little kitty.)

He's fine now, but it was an expensive and scary adventure for him, and he's developed a few white patches in his solid black coat (one on the shoulder and two on his head.) The vet said it was probably from trauma. Poor muffin!

There is a market for vintage hankies! Lots of us collectors out here. Love your saga and am so glad Dave is back and ok. I would have been crazy if one of mine had gotten lost. Keep up the good work and know that I am envious


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