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Taking a shower when restoring a house is a necessity AND a luxury. This is why, even though only the yucky one is working, we are thankful to have ONE.

We are SO CLOSE to a new bathroom overall (it's a matter of days now) and our current things KNOW this. THUS, they feel no need to hang on to this life.


I went upstairs to slip into a little "water paradise" when, um, the handle broke off. (Seems to be a theme now.)

What to do now? The old shower is supposed to look like this:

But are we going to let a little thing like a handle keep us from our last couple of weeks in this shower?? Heck, NO! And are we going to waste a bunch of time trying to fix it when it is out the door anyhow? Heck, NO!

A trip to the old toolbox. One old wrench and....

Pull and turn at the same time...adjusting for the perfect water temperature... voila!!! Success!!!

Survival of the fittest. That's what this house is. Survival of the fittest...and of those who are desperate to be clean...

P.S. Later, the car radio knob broke off in my hand when I was turning it. I do believe it is a conspiracy.

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hehe. Last month the handle fell off of our TOILET. After about a week of taking the top off and pulling the corroded handle to flush it, we finally bit the bullet and got a new one (handle that is). The new toilet went to our tenant in the apartment at the back of our old house/ he also has a dishwaher and closet, damn him!


When we moved in, the little lever controlling the bathtub drain was gone, and in it's place was a mucky red screwdriver pushed into the hole to keep the drain open (turns out our home inspector had broken the drain lever when he tried to see it if worked--god forbid we as buyers might want a functioning bathtub drain). After a couple of weeks of scrubbing the tub around the scary screwdriver, we held our breaths and just pulled it out. The drain stays open--lucky us! Though the bathroom is so far down on the list of projects, who knows for how many months we'll stay lucky.
Can't wait to hear about the "new" bathroom. Congratulations!


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