The Mystery is Solved!

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Community Development Director, Heather Zander, of the city of Brillion, Wisconsin has been quite brilliANT when it has come to tracking down information related to our most recent mystery....(see previous story)

The "M.E." church on the 1921 postcard in our attic is....the Trinity Evangelical Lutheran Church in Brillion! (Click to enlarge)

I'll let Heather tell you the rest of the story:

Here’s the information I received from a parishioner of the Church.

The church over the years was added on because of the growing congregation. The parsonage, unfortunately was razed in 1963 due to a sagging foundation. I have attached some pictures of the site as it stands now, and also a picture of the pipe organ inside the church. You have a gem of a photo. Thanks for sharing!

It is an INCREDIBLE pipe organ...quite beautiful.

I'm sure this is a cozy modern parsonage....sigh...though the older one was much more romantic looking.

Our next mystery involves the church on THIS postcard...a 1920's M.E. Church from Battleground, Indiana...

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Hmm, are you sure those are the same? Unless the steeple was rebuilt it looks to be in a different location on the two pictures and is definitely of a different style.

Notice in the postcard there are high pitches on the sides with small spires on the corners, but on the new pictures there are no such spires. Also, the walls below the roofing in the postcard are all the way to the corners but in the new picture they are cut corners. It also looks like the steeple is in a different location relative to the main part of the building.

There are definite similarities between the two buildings, but I doubt they are the same building.

Sharp eye Dan! I think Heather is going on historical records and location of the old church and new we are pretty sure it is the same church. Over the past 83 years, some changes have been made for a number of reasons as referenced in Heather's note.

I thought somewhere in the attic, when I was first sorting things to be researched later, I found another letter or postcard from Hulda mentioning her parsonage and church sustaining some damage from an awful storm. I'm going to have to keep digging to positively match the two though...and Hulda might have moved on to a different church by then, I don't know. If it is the same church and parsonage, that is another thing that may explain the cosmetic differences now.

Hi, the UM pastor here again. I don't think you have the right church - I talked to the Brillion UMC pastor yesterday. She tells me that their old building has been torn down, or burned down - they are in a newer building now. It would strike me as odd that a Lutheran church would take over an old ME building. Just not the usual pattern of things. Lutherans and Methodist Episcopal are not related denominations (other than we're both Christian). Also, the steeple on the post card is on the corner of the building - this one looks to be in the middle of the building.

Wow. Okay. Sounds like the mystery is NOT solved still. Anyone in Brillion know about the church on the postcard? We're still looking for it!


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