Cabin fever.

Category: What on Earth!?

It's snowing a lot here.

A lot.

I think I have cabin fever.

Which may explain the dirty, smelly house rant yesterday.

Or, it could be the holes in the walls.

I wouldn't have survived 5 minutes in the Little House on the Prairie. Laura Ingalls Wilder would have kicked my fanny on the prairie.

Here on some other things from the attic for you. I'm going to do something about the ice hanging off of the gutters. Or go on a Prozac bender. One of those two.

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Have you started singing along to the bible songs on the yellow record? I think that might just count as a full acid trip.

We have so many weird records in here. Now I have to figure out how to rip from analog to digital and post 'em! Then we can all sing along :)

p.s. Hedgetoad rocks!

I wonder what sort of occasions call for bran, besides eating cereal and baking?

Well, here at houseinprogress, we could possibly experiment with bran for:

-on the sidewalk to prevent falls in icy weather
-an ingredient in wallpaper paste
-we already know it is available as kitty litter

Bran, the all-purpose foodstuff.

p.s. Anita Rowland also rocks the house the in progress :)


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