Happy Valentine's Day, 1888!

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Yes, I know. I know. We're a day early.

But, you know, before you left for the weekend and all, I guess...well....(kicks toe of house slipper against uneven floor board in kitchen)....we just wanted you to know that we...you know....appreciate you. And all that kinda junk.

Whether Annie Hartman is your name or not. And even though we found this in the attic, we...um....found it especially for YOU! Oh, absolutely. Er, well, it's the thought that counts, right?

p.s. A very belated apology to Richard Pratt, my classmate from the 5th grade who always pulled my hair and tormented me during reading class. It wasn't enTIREly a coincidence that I rhymed "Pratt" with "brat" on that valentine, but I hope it didn't scar you for life or anything. Especially if "or anything" means that you'll be showing up on C.O.P.S. with your face pixelated. Because that really would be terrible.

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hey. this is my first time here. saw u on another page. somewhere. don't remember where. but i made it.

happy vtine 2 u also.

I can't remember the last time I saw a 2cent stamp!!!And the date on the post mark, 1858? could that be ? POPS"30"

It's 1888. :) Cool eh?


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