One more Valentine...again, 1888

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Which means that these Valentines are 116 years old.

That is really old. Love that old is a pretty cool thing.

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Are you contacting museums about this sort of thing. Especially the one that you have the tippecanoe county envelope. They would probably gobble that up and maybe even for money:) Good look I love old valentines. The last one looks almost homemade from scraps and pieces.


That is such a good question. Some items in here we feel "belong" to the house and would stay with the house if we ever decide to sell. Some items will be donated to museums and special archives if we feel that the specific institution is the only "home" for the item. (The postcard is an excellent example...or an item from a specific church. These items have a "location of origin" that shows where they need to be.)

In some cases, we will be selling the items publically, usually online...this isn't as profitable as people may think :) Or as easy. It also takes a long time for some items...perhaps years. The small bit of money it bring in allows us to make better choices for the materials used in restoration and that is important to us. Because the house will outlive us.

In very, very few cases, the items will go to a trusted professional for help in the sale. We already have connections set up for some of the pieces we have questions about. Finding trustworthy, knowledgeable dealers is very sensitive and very difficult. Especially since some of the items in here span SO many years and are so strangely unique. Like the antique blowgun from a tribe we need to research and a small sculpture by the artist Enrique Alferez (these things have already been stored outside of the house to protect them from dust, accidents and debris). How many professionals have knowledge of these pieces? Not many, and certainly not the same dealer. And who knows if they are even worth something? Paying for so many assessments would become very expensive and take money away from the house. So it is a lot of work that we have put aside for the moment in order to focus on getting the bathroom in :)

Good question though!


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