Tile Subfloor Won't Crack Under Pressure

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We're getting ever closer to actual tile being laid down for an actual bathroom. It seems hard to believe! As a last step for the floor, the subfloor was laid down yesterday and was set by this morning.

This material is really cool!

As explained by Paul, our friend and help on this project, high-tech materials like this provide several advantages over traditional subfloors:

  • Waterproof. Water can potentially work its way between the tile, but the subfloor prevents it from getting to the concrete below where it could cause greater damage.
  • Extreme strength. It really is amazing stuff to feel. It rolls up and bends but is impossible to tear and holds up like steel.
  • Withstands substrate cracking. Paul said that technically this material should prevent any cracking in the tile. Shifting in the substrate cannot be transfered through this material to the tile above. Therefore, even with further settling in the house our tile floor should be crack-proof (unlike the previous tile floor).

While that's all fine and good for the long term, the best thing is that having the subfloor down means that the final tile floor can't be far behind!

P.S. The substrate is concrete and floor leveler.

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So what is this magic stuff called? I made need some of this!!!


The material is a "crack isolation membrane" that is called "NobleSeal".

A number of companies manufacture "crack isolation membranes"...there is one that is also used for dampening sound transmission. They come in different widths.

The NobleSeal was used because it is 6 feet wide and, in this room, it didn't create a seam. (Where the membrane would be weaker and would have to be reinforced.)

Hope this helps!


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