A Bathroom Teaser

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OK, so Heather requested a better look at our progress on the bathroom. Yes indeed, we have been hard at work and Paul has accomplished quite a bit with the tile.

A friend of a friend, Paul has been a great help in getting the work on the bathroom done and on giving us advice on the work. He also owns lots of cool tools!

So, how far along are we? Well, we do have the biggest things (tile, bathroom fixtures, etc.) done. However, completing the final details probably won't be done for another week.

In the mean time, J suggested this "tease" for Heather of what's done. :-)

Looking for more!? Stay tuned...it's almost done! :-)

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Wow! A special tease just for me...too funny. The tile floor looks terrific! The little glimpse I got of the wall made my heart go pitter patter. Or maybe it was Paul? Just kidding...


Maybe it's just "guys with home improvement gear". That COULD be a new magazine idea..."Guys! Guys! Guys! ...Doing Work Around the House" I don't think the publishing world knows that this is a completely untapped market for women's cheesecake literature.

We'll have to get Aaron and David to work on that one. :)



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