California Dreamin'

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It was cold again here over the weekend, which means that the little shoots of flowers that were starting to peek out were shivering in the ground. Just as well that we didn't take the storm windows down.

So we are dreaming of warmer weather. And places with warmer weather.

Like these postcards and pamphlets we've found of sunny California :) Ahhh, Catalina Island...decades ago.

And the famous, S.S. Catalina...

Decisions, decisions. Where to go first?

Wow, the Hollywood Bowl looks impressive.

Especially when taken from an "aeroplane."

Here is a surprise! A sketch of one of our previous home owners as a young man...the world traveler...the gentleman who worked for the CTA. I recognize him from photos. Except for the mustache...perhaps a temporary thing?

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So, are you going to tell us who it is? I knew the CTA before it was the CTA & I don't recognize him. To me, it looks like Harry Carey in his younger days.... POPS"30"



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