Vintage Clawfoot Tub, Check!

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Our plans for the master bathroom have always included a clawfoot tub. In fact, we'd found a pretty good deal on newly manufactured 5' tubs from Midwest Chemicals south of Chicago.

But last week we came across a better local deal and as of yesterday morning we've got our vintage tub!

It's the exact size we were looking for, but actually has much cooler feet than the new one we were considering. The fixture isn't exactly what we were thinking of, but we'll have to look at the budget when the time comes and decide if we can afford a replacement.

We got it through Paul, who knew we were looking since he was already helping us with our first floor bathroom. It just so happened that his sister, Marian, and her husband were upgrading their own master bathroom and looking to replace their own tub. The picture is actually taken at their place (which Paul is also helping them with) when we first checked it out.

So, now it's sitting in our garage. It will need some work, including refinishing the porcelein. But even so the total cost will be cheaper than buying new. We're also thinking that this time we can save some money by only having this one refinished once...lesson learned! ;-)

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Yay vintage!

Beautiful tub. We are getting ready to have a 5 1/2-foot tub refinished in the coming months. Our tub had no feet, so we'll have to have some re-cast, adding a bit more to the cost.

We have some friends getting ready to have a pink corner tub reglazed. They were wondering if they should do that first or last, and I recounted the story of your other bathtub adventure (lessons learned), so they won't re-glaze prior to retiling, wall work, etc.

I think it is pretty wonderful that you guys post so much project information on your site. We all learn so much and make so many mistakes on our home improvement projects, it is nice to share that information and maybe save others some trouble.

BTW, we also have the Kohler Memoirs sink...but the smaller version...I love it.


Send us a few pics of your place, if you'd like! We are already in love with your blog, having good friends and family from that area of the country whom (who? whom?) we miss :)

Tubs, sinks, floors, walls, lights. The uncommon things we all have in common. We enjoy learning how to do these things and especially enjoy sharing the information with others. I wish I had learned all of this earlier in my life, but there isn't much of an opportunity anymore. Hence, the site. Read, try, experiment, play, fail or succeed, try again.

Share :)


(alias lestercat, alias "This Decrepit Victorian House which isn't decrepit, it's lovely)

Crocuses! Ours are sleeping under a light dusting of snow tonight...yours are blooming gorgeous...

Your friendly neighborhood editor (well, about 1,000 miles east) says hooray to a great vintage tub find and offers insight into your grammar question. It's "whom" in that usage. (Good trick to remember: Use whom if you can rearrange the sentence to substitute "him" or "them" - in this case, "we miss them"; otherwise use who.)


We LOVE our favorite editor! Hooray for start-up weekly, independent newspaper editors!


I'll have to take a few pictures of our house. Really, the yard is the nicest feature. ;-) Our house is a late 1940s squarish ranch that some previous owners added onto (with some oddly long rectangular rooms). The bathroom we remodeled last year is quite nice now, as are the guest rooms. We still have much work to do with the kitchen, a family room off of that, and our bedroom and bathroom. Our work on some of that should start later this spring. The family room and the master bedroom are part of the addition, and they are straight out of the Brady Bunch era. The master bathroom is easily the ugliest bathroom I think I've ever seen. I'll definitely have to post some pictures of that! I really need to enter Oprah's "Ugliest Room in America" contest.

Our problem is that we always forget to take "before" pictures. We always seem to remember halfway through the project.


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