Sorry we were down all morning.

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Sorry about the site being down. It was a surprise to you and a surprise to us...thanks to A Johnson of AEFJ (our host) who quickly brought us back up again and didn't even bat an eye. He is truly a wonder and we thank him profusely.

We might as well confess that we think the jump in traffic occurred because the April edition of Chicago Magazine hit the newstands this week. And we're in there...somewhere...about people who maintain weblogs in Chicago.


There are very nicely illustrated pixel people that depict A and I...either pixels really improve your looks or the illustrator has earned my undying admiration for giving me the, er, figure I always wanted but never had.

(This is NOT the illustration :) This is courtesy of This Old Toy)

It's goofy. It's surreal. We started this thing so our family scattered from coast-to-coast (Virginia to Alaska...Happy Birthday Kjerstin!) could play along.

And now people in Malaysia know what our bathroom looks like. And that occassionally weirds me out and makes me feel kinda strange. I am glad that others are able to learn from the site and try things on their own houses. As a society, we don't have many ways to learn house skills anymore except from TV or books. And we rarely have the opportunity to learn from other's mistakes.

So, maybe that is our niche in weblog history..."Learn From Our Mistakes!"

If this is your first time looking at weblogs in Chicago, please be sure to check out Gaper's Block, Chicago Bloggers and some of the other weblog rings listed in our right hand column on our main page. Chicago is blessed with some excellent writers who are a pleasure to read.

(Since I have preached this to my students, I'll preach it here too.) Weblogs are written by a diverse number of people of different ages, races, ethnicities, experiences and interests. Seek them out. Sample them all.

Cruise by:

The Ageless Project (and kudos to Vincent for his awesome blog "Clearing Away the Fog"...Vincent wil be 77 this April),


Latino Blogs

Rice Bowl Journals: Asian Blogs

Blogs by Black Women


Expat Blogs know, with the amount of specialty weblog groups out there (called "blog rings"), there IS something for everyone.

So, explore. Get to know some new writers...connect with someone.

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Hey, I used to have those little Fisher-Price construction guys. Thanks for the memories!


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