First Floor Bathroom - Before & After

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It's hard to believe but, as of today, our first floor bathroom is officially done!!!! After previously stating on this site that we'd be done with it as of last August. It's been quite the adventure...

If you're interested in the "during" that went on in between these photos, check out these links:

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Congradulations, this new look is great and to actually finish something that has been so complicated is great! I love all your choices here in this room! Well maybe not the original choices, like having the tub refinished first but the final ones. Looks great!

Great looks fabulous!

Great job !

I'm proud of you guys.


Wow, looks just fabulous! Must be such a treat to finally be done with it!

Very impressive! You must be glad to get rid of that blue tub. :)

We finished our bathroom just over a year ago. It took us at least 9 months. We did it all ourselves except for running new plumbing. Congrats to you- I am sure you will Really enjoy it! It looks beautiful- you have great taste!

It looks so great! All your hard work has paid must be so happy with it. :)

Congrats on your bathroom - you've got stamina and guts to go thru with all the nitty tasks to make it new and attractive.

Congrats on your bathroom - you've got stamina and guts to go thru with all the nitty tasks to make it new and attractive.

BRAVO! Great job! I can't wait to see your next project.

Jeannie and Aaron,

Yea your first room is done. One down 9 more to go? It looks fantastic! You guys did a super job. Raising a glass of wine in honor of your completed bathroom.


Wheeeeeeeee! Okay, anyone who wants Cosmopolitans or Martini's (or Mocktini's), you are invited to our bathroom.

If you close the door, it's hard to remember that the rest of the house doesn't look just as put together.

Thanks to everyone for their good wishes! We do have 8 more rooms to go and the garage. (Oh, and the I guess it is closer to 9.)

Bottoms up! Chin chin!

I really love your bathroom! So much so, that we are redoing ours in the same style with a little help from you. If you could can you tell me where you purchased your tile, your faucets, etc. Also, I noticed that your faucet on the sink is not a cross-handle, but, correct me if I am wrong, the tub is? or do they match?


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