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We spent almost the entire weekend on just one thing: stripping bathroom woodwork and trim. J worked upstairs on the bathroom built-in.

At the same time I was downstairs working on the cabinet drawers and bathroom door.

Our conclusion? This is tedious work! But this morning we did have one gratifying feeling of closure...

...we finished the medicine cabinet!!!!

Its hard to describe how big a deal this is! Those of you who have known the origins of this story will have some sense, but you really only get the magnitude of the event when you're right here, unlatching then closing the mirror door. Its like having a kid (I'd imagine) but with less doctors and more Phillips screwdrivers.

Let's just say this one thing made for a satisifying weekend.

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Regarding the last photo...absolutely fabulous.

Aaron & Jeanne

It looks great !

Love ya, DAD

I finally posted some photos of our hideous master bathroom. We hope to begin work on this later this spring. Maybe in the next few days I'll post some photos of the remodeled hall bathroom.

I have done alot of "stripping" in our house and I know how very time consuming and intensive it is- it is so worth it though. Your bathroom is beautiful!


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