1945 Headlines From Our Attic

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If you were wondering what kind of insultation** we found in the attic, don't wonder anymore.

(** "InsulTation was a slip of the fingers on the keyboard. It should be i-n-s-u-l-a-t-i-o-n. Freud at work here.)

Between the sawdust layers and the fiberglass cotton candy clumps, we found this (click on an image to make it larger):

Because who DOESN'T love a Chicago Gangland killing from 1945 keeping their house toasty warm in the winter?

What lucky person got to dig up this guy?

Unfortunately, the case of gangsters Cecil "Red" Smith, Renoro Lolli and Lawrence Mazzanars plus Chief Storms, Detective Hellstern (killed in Rogers Park), Detective Brady (killed in Rogers Park) and Detectives Smicklas, Alcock and Juric couldn't be found on the Internet...because, you know, end of WWII...Manhattan Project...a lot of other things were going on at the time.

Did this guy finally get his Edelweiss beer after doing all of these dishes? He may have left his apron in our house.

Fanny May, we hardly knew you...

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If I remember right , on Clark St. & Morse, or maybe Lunt, there is a plaque on a building front commemorating these police officers. The building is on the southeast corner. If it is still there. POPS"30"

Really?? I'm going to check that out next time I head to the Heartland Cafe for breakfast...thanks Pops!

Ooo, Heartland! Say hello to the Duke's Tostada for me!

-Pops' kid


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