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Too much stuff. Overwhelming.

This, unfortunately, sounds like the name of a burlesque queen.

These are pretty cute. Rocket Needles.

This tin is so FULL of brand marketing (WITH a snake bite kit thrown in.)

Yes, we're still finding Christmas stuff. It's Christmas all the way through the stacks, I suppose.

It's the Chicago Planetarium (before it was the Adler Planetarium)!

This is a book for, ahem, "young married ladies" circa 1893 (this is the revised edition from 1895). It's a very comprehensive tome on the birds and the bees and was probably way ahead of its time. It was written by Alice Stockholm, MD and dedicated to her daughter. Frankly, I was impressed by the amount of information.

"Tokology" comes from the Greek word, tokos, meaning childbirth. Thus, this is the study of childbirth; midwifery or obstetrics. Thank you, American Heritage Dictionary.

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