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No, it really doesn't end. We will be pulling random things out of boxes and drawers and cubby holes FOREVER.......

And not be really able to explain them.


This couple looks very angry that they missed Cinco de Mayo...

I mean, they brought all the accessories and everything!!!

But they received these lovely parting gifts...they just don't know WHAT these things ARE!

Can you help them to figure some of these out?

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Hello HIPsters:
Here I am again, looking for inspiration. I have read your whole story, but I am lost on one thing. How is it that the PO's were able to leave all that stuff behind when they moved? Did you give them permission? Also, I was curious how much money you have been able to make on these items for all your trouble. Most of it just looks junky.


Hi Carol--

Interesting question. How these things ended up here is in the front of the can read about it here.

Are you looking for inspiration in the things? The restoration? What is it that you are working on?

The money question is interesting. You do realize that we aren't doing this for the money right? Because there is no money IN this. So...why do we post these things? Is that your question?

1) Many items are connected to history and that is fascinating to me. I post what I see. Advantage of having your own weblog. :)

2) We started posting items when I tried to describe things here to friends and family via phone. They wanted to see pictures so, voila! This website was started for them.

3) We've been able to connect with folks when we have found things that are connected to THEM in the house. Those have been some of the best moments ever. (Here's one example.)

We haven't made much, but we didn't expect to. It was good to make back the costs we incurred by not being able to move into the house on the day we closed. And having to move twice.

Costs for storing our furniture... all of the time spent cleaning... repairing things that we couldn't find during the many walkthroughs because stuff was piled in front of it... creating and maintaining this website (which is a GREAT stress reliever in the middle of the night.)

Sure, some things were junk in the purest sense of the word and have been thrown away (i.e. things in pieces, moldy, or broken beyond repair...out it went!)

You'd be surprised at the usefulness of some things. We've donated stuff to preschools. Art classes. Relief agencies. Neighbors.

Other things have stories for many people...a few neighbors from the old Boy Scout troop came by and got some mementos. Or friends who tour the house reminisce about their grandmother or a loved one.

We've been able to give some very fun white elephant presents. :) We've bartered a few things with some friends for help on the house.

Saving some of the artwork, ephemera and ethnographic items from demise has been personally rewarding. These are things we would keep or donate, generally.

I guess that the addage "one person's trash is another's person's treasure" is true. Some days we wish we didn't have so MUCH of it. Many people have said, "Have a garage sale!" But the work involved in that is enormous and not a priority right now that we've thinned some things out. We want to focus on getting the second floor done.

However, if you aren't into the "What on Earth?" section, just click on the "Ideas & Inspiration" category on our home page. You can skip everything else if you like.

Take care--


If those dolls are really small, they may be worry dolls. You tell them all your worries and then put them under your pillow when you sleep so that all the worries will be gone when you wake up - actual problems are not solved. Sorry.

The spoon/fork combo looks like salad spoon and fook with Salt/Pepper shakers. Late 60's/Early 70's? Also, I'd check on those toy cars. Metal toys tend to fetch a pretty penny, especially if they are wind-up and still work.

I agree about the toys. They appear to be in good condition & could have value. The German book appears to be a map of Berlin including suburbs.... POPS"30"

Your mother likes the blue vase. My birthday????

And the animal either are pop out and stand up or you cut them out and paste them to cardboard (cereal box) and make them stand up those were the kind of boy toys like paper dolls for us girls.

Have you ever thought of getting that PBS show "Find!" to have those twin antique dealers come to YOUR house? This beats anything they've shown.

Oooo! I like the angry Mexican couple and their picnic setup. How tall are they? FYI...I'll be out your way for 4th of July weekend. We're visiting Tom's friends and his goddaughter (who is part Mexican, to tie everything together). :P Squish Dave and Coco for me!

I am just writing because of one of the above comments - I read your site all the time, from the start! I LOVE the items you have found in your house and I do not think you have shown any junk, quite the contrary to the trained eye! I am a vintage and antiques dealer, so I would know! Some belong in a museum. Any money you have made is not nearly enough considering how hard you work - not to mention the joy you brink your readers! The items show pop culture for days gone by & insight to the mystery of the prior owners - which you might consider getting on the Natl. Registry of Historic Places with all you have found - comes with a heck of a tax break! I have all the info on how to do it if you need it, incase I get an old enough home one day! Most importantly, the items you show are FUN, and isn't that the point? Keep up the good work!
luv dena


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