Someone Was More Frustrated With This House Than We Are

Category: What on Earth!?

Something we omitted from yesterday's events....when The Attic Experts were up in the attic removing the last of the insulation he found a spent bullet!

How weird is that? Definitely a very "What on Earth!?" moment!

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Are those bite marks on it? Creepy.

Regarding the spent bullet, you may want to call the police and hand it over to them. Unlike on CSI, in real life, many people shoot bullets into or at others and they are never found by the cops. Just a thought.

as a cop, i gotta say, unless that bullet was in a body, we gotta lot of other stuff goin on here in Chicago. so keep it. looks like someone either was celebrating, had an accident in the house or tried going after those raccoons in your attic before you moved in.


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