Congratulations Kjerstin & Joe!

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Aaron's sister is married! Congrats Kj & Joe!

(Click on any photo to enlarge it.)

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No wonder you've been too busy to post. Weddings are such time consumers.

Congratulations Kjerstin & Joe and many happy returns (ha ha)!

hi j and a- checking your home progress and found kj and joe! I was happy to tears-please tell kj and joe. oh! how i wish i were there dancing. darn. by the way, is that bug bomb on the grass! congradulations to the bride and groom. hello to kerm and family! lja

Leanne, I saw Kjerstin before we left and passed on your congrats. And yes, there were bug bombs, cans of Off!, and citronella candles in great quantities throughout the festivities. The good news is that they worked pretty well! :-)

A-what lovely photos. It is great to see what I missed (if that makes sense.) Thanks for sharing my comments with kj and she made a beautiful bride. What a neat wedding! what is her e-mail or other ? Lashley (Kerm had a nice time.)


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