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Homeownership is not always pretty.

This spring, we had Gary (from Cellar Master) take a look into the sewer system underneath the house when he came to service our Celler Master unit. (Which was installed by his dad. How COOL is THAT?) Things hadn't been smelling quite so, um, "fresh" lately.

Look away! LOOK AWAY! Yuck. Obviously, there was a little blockage underneath our urpy old house. The Cellar Master keeps sewage from the street from flooding back up INTO our house (which has come in handy this rainy season) while pumping our water up and out of the system if the "gate" is down. Gate works fine. The blockage was between the house and the street.

We tried to dislodge some things with the garden hose. In the end, Gary needed to fetch "the cool yet intimidating Star Wars thing" to rod out the pipes. (That's what I call it, anyway.)

At this point, it is better to let the pro's take over. This is one of those "jobs on the edge" type careers which calls for strength AND know-how AND delicacy.

A few tree roots later, I am reminded that we just don't use enough bleach in our wash. Gotta kill those roots off. My oh my.

Thanks Gary!

Cellar Master Flood Control

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Those tree roots will do it every time. It sometimes means there is a crack or separation in the pipe line allowing the root to get in. You can buy a foaming type of clean out product that works quite well to kill roots. I doubt you could use enough bleach to do the job.. Good luck...POPS"30"

Hi Guys -- yes, the tree roots are viscious. When we moved into our Kimball avenue bungalow a in August 2001, the basement flooded two weeks later. (you might remember the two torrential rains that hit chicago in August '01). Apparently the PO hadn't had the sewer line rodded for some time, boy you should have seen the tree roots that came out. We almost had to have the front yard dug up -- but the perseverance of our sewer guy succeeded. Like everyone makes two trips per year to the dentist, or one trip to that other doctor, your old house needs an appointment with the sewer guy every year.

In my comment about foaming stuff, I forgot to mention that I got it at Ace Hardware. The first 5 years in this house I had to have my sewer rodded every year. I use that foamy stuff once a year and have not had to rod for 3 years now. It's a powder that you flush down the lowest toilet & it foams immediately so you have to flush quickly or it will overflow the toilet bowl. It cost about $18.. POPS"30"


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