Brick-Laid Front Steps - Before & After

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In spite of J's lack of confidence as a project manager, we do actually have a really beautiful front stoop now.

It is the product of a solid contractor, appropriate mortar, the right tinting, and lots of elbow grease. Removing all that blue paint is one job we're glad we hired out.

And now we're very proud of our original brick-laid steps. While they're a little slanted and the mortar doesn't exactly match the original, they are actually the only brick-laid steps we've seen anywhere in the neighborhood. Most other homes have poured concrete steps after being rebuilt over the years, so we're not able to tell how unique our steps would have been originally. It is definitely neat though to know that we have stairs that didn't get replaced at some point over the years.

With so much still in front of us, it's nice to have these small things to take pleasure in. :-)

We'll meet you out on the front stoop.

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Wow, they look fantastic! What an improvement!

Looks so nice! We had same problem here with ugly painted peeling concrete steps that were leaning a little and catching water. We had the idea to cover them with flagstone and level them all out in the process. You guys are such a continued source of inspiration.


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