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Every evening, we come home to this light in the front hallway:

We have researched it and have determined that it is from the Atomic Age circa late 1950's. It is the original of the copy offered by Rejuvination Hardware called "Cove."

We're fond of it but it doesn't fit this 1914 Craftsman bungalow at ALL. So, it must go. Into the Estate Sale it goes. Sigh.

Ah well. With three cars (one of which needs to be sold to pay for the one other) and a large bill rolling in for the supplies on the second floor (not to mention the new $670+ low water warning system for the boiler)....

House rich, cash poor. Isn't that what they say?

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Hey, that looks an awful lot like some fixtures in my mom's house, ca. 1960. I don't blame you for getting rid of it. I'm all for pewter, myself.

You're going to think I'm crazy, but...I actually LIKE it. It's taken me forever to admit to myself that it doesn't fit the Craftsman style of the house. I love the star pattern that it makes on the ceiling. I think it is adorable! Very "new modern". It doesn't surprise me though. The previous owners liked Deco and Moderne more than the house's Craftsman look. Which explains many of the things left behind and many of the changes they had made between the 1930's and 1950's.

Oh well.

Although it's not something I would want in my home, I can definitely appreciate it as an excellent specimen of Atomic Age decor.

ohmiword! Since I posted this, we've gotten 1941 visitors from the IAEA...the International Atomic Energy Agency website.

Guys? Gals? "Atomic Age" is a style of design...from 1950's. Not a Code Red threat of any kind. Ashcroft, can you hear me out there? Any flashes around this old house happen when we take a digital photo.

Chill, everybody, chill. I'd better now show up on some "chatter bag out there....

Sigh... if we could afford two houses, we'd have our little arts and crafts Tudor AND a late 50's ranch, a la Rob and Laura Petrie...which I would fill with cool atomic age artifacts like your foyer light. Think of the charming light patterns it would cast as I vacuumed in my heels and pearls...

would it be gauche to ask if you might consider selling this fixture earlier than an estate sale? although my heart belongs to the bungalow, i am currently residing in a mid-60s split foyer; while we are not taking the strict period approach we are trying to renovate and maintain a midcentury feel at the same time. please let me know!

Let me tell you, I NEEDED this site.

Back in October I bought a...

Well, it's on the West Side, and it doesn't sound like it's as bad as what you started with...but other than that, it's best described as a catastrophe. (Actually, the catastrophe is about 50% of why I even started my blog; alas, it--the blog, not the house--evolved and now isn't nearly as focussed as yours. But then again, I haven't the confidence, the skills nor the money to hire anyone to do what you're doing.)

My blog now has a section entitled "Bob the Plumber" Watch; I'm taking bets on when, exactly, he'll make it to my house.

I have been feeling very discouraged lately...but hell, if you can make sense of a house with raccoons, squirrels, AND bees, along with seven trillion metric tons of detritus...well, my rotten joists don't seem so bad.

I'll be reading this often....


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