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We are still cleaning out portions of the basement and the attic which we have never seen.

Don't laugh! You can't imagine the amount of things we still need to go through. So the alley folk are loving us yet again for the amount of of "things" making it out to the trash.

Doesn't everyone have a 50's Chevy Nova bike rack / collapsible pet cage from the '40's (with red painted wooden handle) / stacks of WWII mosquito netting / a box of picture frames from the 70's / miscellaneous plywood pieces / a vintage rack for golf clubs, golf balls and divots / burnt camp out cookware / a homemade grill with lava rocks / an old lock / 3 canvas sacks / a small homemade set of shelves / old campfire starting wool / among other odds and ends?

Among some of the more interesting treasures?

This mosquito net hood that is kind of like a beekeeper's hood. Or something. I have no idea what it was used for.

This is a children's side oxygenator. Full kit, ephemera and various propoganda pieces included.

And then there is a the 1950's car screen for mosquitos'. In the pre-Air Conditioning days, you had to keep the car windows open. And if the car windows are open, there will be bugs. And that's where these handy things came in handy:

One unwrapped, and one not wrapped. (The frame draws the netting tight.)

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hey, those mosquito nets for the car are a good notion! right now when we sleep in our van (camping) my husband duct-tapes some window screen on the driverside front door window (the back windows where I sleep have sliding panes with screens already there). a "hood" with drawstring would really work, and not hard to sew, I think.

did you already get rid of them? what are the dimensions?


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